Welcome to The Corny Cook!

I am SO excited to share my first blog post! I love cooking and taking pictures of delicious food (you should see my camera roll)! My personal social media pages often consist of my always favorite charcuterie board (or as I call them at my Canas family gatherings, a Canasuterie board). In my everyday life I also do social media. I previously worked for a local cafe and now work for a local university.

I am always trying new recipes. I most recently tried my hand at French macarons. Lets just say, those will take some extra practice! I come from a family with strong Italian and Salvadoran roots, so I am always a sucker for anything pasta, cheese, pizza, papusas, tacos and guacamole, really the list could go on forever! I try to use fresh, local ingredients. Being in Georgia, there are so many great resources for juicy tomato, sweet peaches and many other assortments of fresh produce. 

While I love to cook, I do love nights on the town. Be on the lookout for posts featuring my favorites places, and dishes, to eat!

I can't wait to share my favorite recipes and passion for food with all of you!  

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