Ultimate Italian Sub


Let’s hear it for the true MVP, the ITALIAN SUB!  This corny cook has spent the last two weeks as a kitchen nomad, moving into a new apartment. The cooking life has been challenging, to say the least. The good news? I finally squeezed in a quick grocery trip and got my kitchen put together. Of course, my first meal didn’t require cooking, but it was definitely SO delicious — I am talking about the Italian sub!


There are many variations of this on the market. Call me a snob, but a true Italian sub does not include American ham, rather capicola. The remaining ingredients can differ slightly, depending on the fresh ingredients available. My motto? Give me ALL the Italian meats, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil, vinegar, mayo and I am a happy camper. You can always alter these ingredients to your liking. For this sub, I found ground Calabrian chili peppers and added those delicious gems into the mix.

The best part about the Italian sub? The eating experience. Nothing is more satisfying than a hearty sub, beverage of your choice and chips on the side. It will have you feeling full and satisfied for days (well, a few hours)!


Ingredients (makes 2 subs)

1 baguette  

3 slices provolone cheese, each cut in half

6-7 slices each Italian cold cuts - mortadella, salami and capicola

1 tablespoon ground Calabrian chili peppers  

3 tablespoons mayonnaise  

1/2 cup thinly sliced lettuce

4 slices tomato

6 slices onion  

Small drizzle of oil and red wine vinegar



Begin by mixing the ground Calabrian chili peppers and mayonnaise together. Cut the baguette in half. Each half will be one sub. Slice each sub bread in half, lengthwise. Now it’s time to start building the sub!

Drizzle the oil and vinegar on the bread. Split the mayonnaise mixture between the two, spread on the baguette. Place the provolone on each sub. Each sub will get three half slices. Next, add the cold cuts. Each sub will get 3-4 slices of each meat. Next, add the lettuce, tomato and onion. Carefully close the sandwich. Cut each sub in half, serve and enjoy!

Elizabeth Canas