Chocolate Hazelnut pizza


Life is sweet, especially when it includes dessert! Wow the special person in your life with this gooey, chewy and crunchy chocolate hazelnut pizza.


Pizza dough, enough to make a six inch round pizza

1/4 cup oil

4-5 tablespoons chocolate hazelnut spread

1/4 cup toasted hazelnut, chopped

1 pinch flaky sea salt

Heat the oil over medium heat in a medium/large skillet.

Roll the dough into a six inch round pizza, about 1/4 inch thick. When the oil is heated, place the dough in the skillet. Cook for 3 minutes, flip and cook for 2 additional minutes on the other side.

Remove the dough from the skillet and place on a paper towel lined place. Top with the chocolate hazelnut spread, chopped hazelnuts and flaky sea salt.

Move to the serving plate (or eat it off the plate, no judgement). Enjoy!

Elizabeth Canas