About ME

Welcome to The Corny Cook! My name is Elizabeth Cornelson (hence the corny). My love of cooking comes from my Italian and Salvadoran backgrounds and all of the incredible, fresh ingredients used in these cuisines. Food is much more than ingredients. Food tells a story. My blog includes a whole lot of cooking, a healthy dose of delicious charcuterie boards, a pinch of my "corny" personality and a lot of what the food community has to offer. 

More about myself: I currently reside in Augusta, Georgia as a Marketing Coordinator for Augusta University. I am married and have a miniature dachshund that I am more than a little bit obsessed with. I hope you enjoy what The Corny Cook has to offer. For any questions and inquiries, please email me at thecornycook@gmail.com or get in touch with me on my social media channels.